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Interview with David Rochelero

Posted by Jean Brown on October 22, 2012 at 5:15 AM


 Good morning all good people of the cyber literary world. Thanks for taking time to visit with us today. Please allow me to introduce our guest today Mr. David Rochelero. Thanks for joining us this morning, David.


David: Thank you very much for having me, Jean! It is great to be here with all of you!

Jean: We’re glad to have you here with us today. David is a translator and author from Minnesota. How long have you been translating?

David: I have translating full-time since the spring of this year, but it is something that I have done on and off over the years. I would say a total of close to four years. Unless, that is, you include my years of teaching Spanish. There is a lot of translating that has to be done with beginning Spanish students. You might want to add six years to that total…^_^

Jean: Could you tell us about your first translation, “Mariposa”?

David: It is a love story, set in China during the second Sino-Japanese War/Second World War. I’ve probably been though it at least five times now, and there are sections that still bring tears to my eyes.

Jean: How long did it take to translate “Mariposa”?

David: About a month and a half of pretty intense, very fun work.

Jean: What are the names of other translations?

David: The author of “Butterfly” has already asked me to translate the novel that she is currently working on. There is also a rumor going round that I will be translating a novel titled, “Black Days”. You may be familiar with it.

Jean: What is the longest translation you’ve done as of recently?

David: “Mariposa” wins that one. It is the longest, clocking-in at 192 pages.

Jean: What would you say is the easiest part of translating?

David: Starting. I love working with the Spanish language and could not wait to tear into “Butterfly”, turning it into, “Mariposa”.

Jean: What is the most difficult part?

David: Stopping. A translator’s mind, any writer, I guess, always wants to make it better, change this phrase or that word…There comes a time when you just have to be satisfied with what you have created and release it to the world.

Jean: Is the title, “El Blanco de Antaño”, the title of your first novel or just a working title?

David: Unless I have another one of those very inspirational moments, that will be the title.

Jean: Would you like to tell us about your novel in progress?

David: It will be based on, built around, a group of poems that I wrote during my first graduate-level Spanish class, 19th century Spanish romantic literature/poetry. I didn’t start my graduate studies until quite a while after earning my undergraduate degree; 22 years, actually. I was so ready for it. During that class I really surrendered myself to the learning process, almost in an innocent sort of way, like a child. That really opened up my mind and a lot of creativity flowed out. I knew that somehow those words would turn into a novel, and it is happening.

Jean: David, thank you so much for joining me today. I wish you all the luck with your translations and novel.

David: Thank you very much, Jean!

David Rochelero is a translator and author based in the United States of America. Born and raised in Minnesota, he took to heart words that his grandmother spoke to him, “You must learn Spanish, David. It is where I am truly from, Seville.” With those words propelling him, David earned his undergraduate degree in the Spanish language. He has spent time studying in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, México and Guatemala, eventually becoming an accomplished percussionist, teacher and earning a master’s degree in the Spanish language. “Mariposa” is his first of many translations. His mission is to help people appreciate, learn and love the Spanish language. Along with his commercial translations employing Spanish and English, he is currently working on his first novel, “El Blanco de Antaño”. David’s contact information can be found at his website,


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