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Author signed copies of Black Days, book 1 in Faulkner's Curse series.


In Robert Faulkner’s last days of life, he grows a conscience. A cynical man who spent his life drinking, gambling, and ignoring his wife and five children has bigger problems than chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Guilt driven, he sets out to help his children, who have serious issues with their father, blaming him for their mother’s and brother’s death. As a faithless man, he discovers he has an ability to heal with only his touch; this occurs when he meets a young boy dying of cancer during his appointment at internal medicine. This revelation makes him indomitable to right his wrongs with his children, whom he has alienated, but time is running out. While on his mission, Robert has to deal with the repressed horrors from his own childhood as he encounters the familiar malevolence forcing him to accept there may be some truth to “The Faulkner Curse.”

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